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Three Square Dinner Group

As part of our church vision, we’re hoping to build deeper relationships and authentic community.  One way to do that in 2020 is to participate in a dinner experience called “Three Square.” 
Three Square is a dinner group of church members and friends. Three ‘couples’, which may consist of husband/wife, two guys, two girls, two friends, whatever, join together for dinner at each of the couples’ homes over a three month period. The hosts of the month invite one other couple to join the group thereby making the square. The invited couple may be a member not participating in the group or friends you’d like to have learn more about our church. Single? Not a problem. Get a friend to become your ‘second’. Home not big enough to accommodate a group of eight? No problem. The group can meet at a restaurant with each paying for their own food.
We plan to begin Three Square in January 2020. The first couple (designated when the groups are determined randomly) selects an evening in January for the first meal of the group and invites the fourth couple. The second couple does the same for February and the third for March.
The host couple provides the main course and one of the other couples provides a side with bread while the third provides the dessert. There will be a sign up on our RPUMC website or you may call Jane Riechmann at 568-8650 with questions or to sign up!
Three couples or duos from the church. 
(Plus two neighbors or friends invited by the host.)


Three dinners. 
(Host one. Eat three.)

Three months. 
(Eat. Connect. Repeat.)
If you are interested in participating click here to sign-up.  Jane Riechmann will then contact you to coordinate your dinner group.