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Covid Team Update 5/20/21

Covid Policy Update 5/20/21

When our church’s Covid Team was first formed, we decided to follow CDC and Florida Conference UMC guidelines as resources for our decisions. Moreover, we have sought to follow the UMC’s general rules (Do No Harm, Do Good, and Stay in love with God) and biblical guidance which encourages us to put the needs of others first, seek the peace of all, and to avoid decisions which would cause others to stumble.

Updated Plan/Protocols as of 5/23/20:

  • Per CDC guidance: For those who have been vaccinated: masks will be optional. We gently ask if you have not been vaccinated, you continue to wear a mask indoors.
  • We will continue to respect social distancing boundaries (i.e. the every/other pew seating will remain in the sanctuary, but flexibility is given for smaller groups where everyone has been vaccinated)
  • We will designate a few back pews for the peace of mind of anyone who needs or wishes to sit in an area where everyone remains masked. (this area will be close to the breezeway doors where there is good cross-ventilation)
  • We HAVE returned to congregational singing (Alleluia!!) and the traditional choir has returned to the front of the sanctuary
  • Wiping pews between services: We still feel this is a necessary action. We will have wipes available and ask people to help sanitize common surfaces after the 9am service.
  • Coming soon: Church-wide survey. More information is needed for future decisions, so we will compile a church-wide survey (less than 5 questions) to explore vaccination rates and comfort levels specific to the Rpumc congregation.

As a church family, our greatest priority is loving one another well and not causing harm to one another. As such, we will trust each other to follow these guidelines accordingly. We will not check vaccine cards or add unnecessary labels. 

We understand some people who are vaccinated may still desire to wear a mask and that is ok. The whole Chancel Choir, for example, has chosen to continue wearing masks.

What we do not want to do is create division between those who are vaccinated and those who are not. Let us not add to the voice of judgement on either side of the aisle, but rather work for the peace of all. 


I do hope to see you in worship this Sunday (5/23) as we confirm and bless our confirmation students—and celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost!!

Thank you and bless you!

Your fellow servant in Christ,

  ~Pastor Emily