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This it not a typical season. 
With the current coronovirus pandemic, we are finding new ways to engage our kids and connect/support our parents...  

We will post weekly content for "Riverkids Worship at Home": (posted every Wednesday)

Jesus is the Light of the World (John 8:12)

  • Read John 8:12 and discuss light/dark  (Try walking into the darkest room of your house to read the Scripture by flashlight or candle; have young kids name (or point to) as many lights as they can; introduce very very young kids to the contrast of dark/light by flipping the light switch a few times; ---Why is dark sometimes scary? What happens to darkness when there's light? What is something scary for you? What does God do when we are afraid?)  
  • Sing! Music video for "This Little Light of Mine"    
  • Pray!  Coloring-Sheet Prayers for When You're Feeling Anxious
  • Dance! VBS music and dance video for "He is the Light"
  • Other Activities: play flashlight tag or red light/green light; go outside to look at the stars (light in the darkness--just like Jesus)  

And some activities just for fun:

You can find encouragement, activities, and connection in the facebook group: "Surviving Together (with kids)"

Or participate in "Kid Questions" (a project where we encourage kids to ask questions about faith and life). Send your questions to  and Pastor Emily (or someone else from the team) will send a video response.


...and here are some awesome links just for fun:


Our kid/family ministry team is Kimberly and Dakota, so please reach out with questions or ways we can better empower our kids and families to abundant life in Christ:


On a typical Sunday, our kids ministry looks like this:

  • 9am service: Kids help 'set the table' for worship (literally--they carry in the candles and the Bible and the cross for the communion table) and there's a kids message. After this, kids leave the sanctuary for "riverkids" lessons just for them--returning to the sanctuary before the end of worship. However, on Communion Sundays (first Sunday of the month) we encourage kids to stay in worship and participate with their family. On these Sundays, there are special kid bulletins and worship activity bags to engage them in the service.  
  • 10am: Sunday school for kids 
    (and twice a month we have an intergenerational "family group" where adults hang our WITH their kids to read scripture and grow in prayer) 
  • 11am: Kids are involved during the traditional service--serving as acolytes, crucifers, carrying the Bible, etc...
  • We also have a kids choir that practices on Sunday mornings and special events throughout the year.