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Pass the Peace
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Lent 2021 "Wednesday Word" Devotions

March 31, 2021: John 21:17

Lent 2021 "Wednesday Word" Devotions

March 24, 2021: 2 Corinthians 5:14-15

Lent 2021 "Wednesday Word" Devotions

March 17, 2021: Ephesians 4:15

Lent 2021 "Wednesday Word" Devotions

March 10, 2021: Matthew 5:44

Lent 2021 "Wednesday Word" Devotions

March 3, 2021: Romans 13:10

Lent 2021 "Wednesday Word" Devotions

February 24, 2021: Colossians 3:14

February 17, 2021: Ash Wednesday

Pass the Peace Videos

In this time of uncertainty, Pastor Emily will post videos to help us stay connected and be in prayer with a scripture and brief message.




June 2nd: Spirtual Structure


May 31st: Lord Have Mercy on Us, Sinners



May 28th: A Psalm for Rainy Days and Thunderstorms


May 27th: Pray for Wisdom


May 25/26th: Memorial Day


May 21st: "A Vision"


May 19th: A Prayer for a Garden or Blessing of the Land


May 18th: The Cross and Racial Injustice


May 16th: Holy, Holy, Holy


May 14th: Prayer for Sunset


May 13th: Praying for the Supply Chain


May 12th: Praying Our Doubts


May 11th: Getting Better at Prayer


May 9th: Joy Like a Fountain


May 8th: Evening Prayer


May 7th: Through the grief


May 6th: Merton's Prayer


May 5th: What is God teaching you?


May 4th: Pass the Peace (with Psalms and feathers)


May 2nd: Singing Grace



April 30th


April 29th


April 28th


April 27th


April 25th


April 24th

April 23rd: All of Creation


April 22nd: Be Vigilant in Our Prayers


April 21st: Bonhoeffer's Prayer


April 20th: Exile Prayer by Brueggemann


April 18th: Praise Ye the Lord


April 17th: In the Waiting


April 14th: Easter Renewal


April 10th: Good Friday- Good, not comfortable.



April 8th: Wednesday of Holy Week


April 7th: Tuesday of Holy Week


April 6th: Figs and Frustrations


April 4th


April 2nd: For Cranky Moments


March 31st: Thank God for Teachers


March 30th: Prayer for Night


March 27th: Serenity Prayer


March 26th: Rest


March 25th:



 March 24th: Breathe


March 23rd: Patience


March 21st: Sing


March 20th


March 19th: Be Still and Know God


March 18th: Be Present


March 17th: Prayer of St. Patrick


March 16th: Gratitude